Nature’s Filibuster

Arguing with a woman is like walking through a Fun House of Mirrors.

Sure it’s fun for a while. You get to see yourself in new and interesting ways, something that we men love to do to grow emotionally and in character. But then it gets really fucking irritating and disorienting because almost none of it makes any kind of sense and you have to keep backtracking to make progress that you thought you made like ten minutes ago.

Where the fuck are the stairs?

Women define losing an argument as not having the last word.

It’s a completely backwards mindset because in the end nobody learns anything about anything, but that’s how they do it. Think you’re getting somewhere with a woman in a debate about politics or business? Guess again. If she didn’t begin the argument this way in the first place, she will now just start spouting random inane bullshit at you like a sprinkler. Not one of those gentle misting sprinklers either, one of those annoying ones that sound like a machine gun going off and shoots you in the eye when you’re not expecting it.

As a man, your idea of an argument is three fold:

1) Identify the issue.
2) Listen and gather research and information regarding said issue.
3) Try to reach a resolution amiably.

Women, nature’s filibuster, argue like this:

1) Waste as much time as possible.

Women value time and life like a garbage disposal values fine cuisine. It’s just something else to squander away. And really, how can they even understand the concept of time wasted when they have nothing to do with it otherwise. How many women have climbed Everest? None probably. Who cares?