Women Nurses Are Gross

In the 50’s, women kept their mouths shut a lot more than they do today — in fact they kept their mouths shut almost all the time. Imagine that! That could be why there was so much less homosexuality in the 50’s, but I wouldn’t know. That’s not my area of expertise.

Without all that gabbing, women were able to concentrate their tiny brains on doing three or four jobs competently instead of doing all jobs worthlessly. Obviously, I’m talking about cooking, cleaning, drink-refreshening, and nursing.

Today’s modern woman is different than her 50’s counterpart. She’s fatter, she won’t shut the fuck up, she can’t cook, she’s a complete mess, drinks are out of the fucking question, and worst of all she makes a shitty nurse.

Men have a little thing called Class that gets us through the day. For example, men who are in the army or who are pilots conduct themselves and engage others with respect at all times. Yes, I know that’s how men are usually, but doing it in a sharp uniform makes a difference. A classy difference. We men realize we are responsible for our actions and will be judged accordingly. Women don’t, but that’s obvious by just taking a walk down the street. If you’re on a prostitute scavenger hunt, you’re going to guess wrong 99 out of 99 times.

What about men who are doctors? You better believe they conduct themselves with class — shitloads of it. Women nurses, however — the female equivalent of being a doctor, conduct themselves like high school fucking cheerleaders.

I was shopping for a new pair of shoelaces the other day — the fourth set of shoelaces I’ve purchased for this particular pair of shoes, which nets me about 4,000 Man Points. During the adventure, I spotted a herd of nurses walking out of the shop ahead of me.

Do you know how I knew they were nurses? It wasn’t because they were fat or looked like bitches who enjoyed hanging a little bit of power over the heads of people with broken arms and kids in croup coughing fits. It was because they were wearing their precious nurse uniforms. The paisley and purple two-piece poncho scrubs meant to soak up the grime and juice of life’s little accidents.

Let me put it another way. Nurses wear their blood-smocks to the fucking supermarket.

Could there be anything more crass and insensitive than a nurse wearing her used hospital rags to a public place. What about those of us who have recently experienced traumatic personal losses, most of which happen in hospitals? Are we supposed to just sit there and choke on the sight of more nurses sitting around doing nothing? What about those of us who think it’s disgusting?

Like usual, women are as proud of everything they are (and need to wear it like a sash of merit badges) at all times. They can’t even hold their pointless little “personalities” in long enough to clumsily blurt them out shamelessly during a conversation. To women, that’s known as being subtle.

If there were any lady firemen or lady garbage men, your local Starbucks would be full of hoses and shit.