Women Take Candy From Strangers

The number one way to get whatever you want out of a woman is to withhold attention.

Top Three Ways to Get What You Want From a Woman

3. Be Rich or Famous
2. Insult Her
1. Withhold Attention

Is she lipping off at the mouth? Withhold attention.
Is she a great big fat person? Withhold some attention.
Is she not putting out? Withhold that fucking attention!

Today, I have proof of the above other than just the barometer of my thermometer.

To those of you who are unlearned in the school of meteorology, a barometer is a device used to measure a change in pressure of the local atmosphere. This change is commonly used to detect impending rain. Here I have used it to indicate the “wetness” of my penis, a very clever joke and possibly a new all time great in the lexicon of sex euphemisms.

And I’ve done this before 9 AM. Like I’ve always said, “Men do more world changing before 9 AM than women do in their whole worthless lives.” I just proved it.

Women are four times more likely to give out personal information in exchange for candy. Throw “free candy” on the list.

An interesting study has revealed that 10% of men are willing to give out personal information to a random stranger in exchange for a chocolate bar, while a whopping 45% of women will do the same.

Yes, that’s right. Researchers used chocolate as an incentive. They also used entry into a “drawing for a free trip to Paris”, and other shit that sounds like such an obvious fucking scam my wallet is crawling out of my pants as we speak and creeping away with my money just in case I come down with a random bout of the Retard Flu.

The problem with women having money, jobs, or a say in anything, is not that they’re slightly more stupid than men. The problem with women is that at a much higher frequency than men, they will do something so catastrophically fucking dumb, it’ll take fifty men and a million dollars to put everything back on track — or one man and fifty million dollars. Just ask all the men and companies who’ve had to buy off trampy secretaries and other useless office eye-candy sluts who’ve pulled the “hostile workplace” card out of their bras like it’s money for their pimp.

The workplace is supposed to be hostile, you stupid cunts. Business is about taking money from other people. That’s as hostile as it gets.

10% of men will give out personal information for chocolate. So the fuck what? Without an imaginary gender who’s perfect, 10% is the benchmark for perfection. Men are perfect. There’s an old saying that goes, “If you’re in a glass house, don’t throw rocks at people.” What that means is that as long as a woman can maintain a career, but still drive four days with her parking brake on without knowing it, she can shut the fuck up.

Women are 4.5 times more likely to give out personal information for candy. Women are 4.5 times more likely to do something catastrophically fucking dumb.

Ever wonder why women are such obnoxious shrews when it comes to raising kids?

Wear a jacket!
Look both ways before you cross the street!
Don’t take candy from strangers!

It’s because they have to remind themselves of that same shit every day. Because they are too goddamn stupid to figure it out on the spot.

The moral of this story is, don’t hire women, don’t tell women sensitive information, and keep your fat daughter off MySpace. If girls would give out personal information for chocolate, imagine what they’d give out for a compliment.

Is it just me or does it seem like the only thing young girls like to do these days more than eat is dress like sluts and take pictures of themselves.

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